One of the things that makes Chicago Food Planet food tasting and cultural walking tours unique is the fantastic personalities that lead our groups every day. Let’s take a look at who’s next on our list…

Name: Angie Chandler
TourNear North


Chicago Food Planet: What drew you to being a tour guide?

Angie’s also an actor and does some promotions and voice over work…

Angie: When I was little, I would gather my stuffed animals and “guide” them. I’d teach them all kinds of things. I guess you could say I started leading tours as a child! But two years ago, I decided that I wanted to be tour guide. I didn’t know where or when, but I just knew this was what I wanted to do.


Chicago Food Planet: What’s your favorite tour stop?

Angie: Each stop is unique, and they all play an important role in creating the total tour experience.  But if I had to choose one, I’d say TeaGschwendner. I find the atmosphere there so peaceful and calming. It’s very zen. I’ve learned so much about tea since I started leading the tour…I’ve always liked tea, but now I get excited about it. Their tea is so delicious, and it’s good for you!


CFP: What’s your best tour memory so far?

Angie: I took a family on a private group tour for their reunion. What a fun group! Three generations were there, including Grandma and Grandpa, and they all had a blast! All of the grandkids gave credit to their grandparents for starting their wonderful family and keeping them close.  It was very sweet, and I loved feeling like I was part of their family for a few hours!


CFP: If you could take any celebrity on a Chicago Food Planet tour, who would it be?

Angie: I would like to take Michelle Obama on a tour. I know she’s from Chicago, but I’d really like to hear her thoughts on Chicago, and food and life. Maybe I could even take her somewhere she’s never been. It would be so much fun to a spend a day with her.


CFP: You have two daughters. Do you think they’ll grow up to be foodies, too?

Angie: They have always been very picky eaters, much different than I was as a child. From ages 2 to about 6, they would only eat about five different foods. I was a bit worried. They’ve expanded their food preferences in the last few years, but it’s still hard to find food that they both will eat.

They do share my love of travel and new experiences, though, and they love Chicago. They are also both outgoing and love people, so maybe they’ll become tour guides someday!

Here’s Angie and her family!

Chicago Food Planet offers a variety of awesome walking food tours in Chicago

This tour is complete with treats from 6 bakeries, stories of ethnic holiday traditions, & ample shopping time to purchase additional goods.

Tour Length4 hours
Cost$115 Adult | $59 Adolescent (8-15) | Free Child (0-7)
Tour Distance6 Bakery Stops
NeighborhoodsNorth Shore, Sheridan Road, Village of Winnetka

Discover why Pilsen was named one of the “12 Coolest Neighborhoods Around the World” by Forbes on our Street Foods of Pilsen Food Tour.  

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Cost$85 Adult With Alcohol | $50 Adolescent | Free Child (6 & Under)
Tour Distance1.4 miles
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