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We believe food is the universal language that connects people and at Chicago Food Planet, we are your ambassador to all things connected to Chicago Food.

We love showcasing the delicious food, robust history and unique culture Chicago has to offer. We believe food is the universal language that unites people. Our experiences are curated to connect you to the greatest food city in the world and the people within it. That's why our goal is to curate experiences that showcase Chicago as the greatest food city in the world.

Our friendly and passionate Food Ambassadors are proud to share our cultural discoveries and culinary knowledge with you. Let us take you on a journey that introduces you to the best of the best, opening up a whole new world just waiting to be explored! We can't wait to show you Chicago!

Bon appétit!

- Your Friends At Chicago Food Planet

We love Chicago (especially the food). Let us show you why!

Meet Our Team That Makes It All Happen!

Our team members are Chicago locals that are inspired by the roaring food scene. Let us take you on an tasty adventure full of food, humor, and history.

Theresa Nemetz
Chief Experience Officer

Chicago Food Planet was acquired in 2021 by the founder of Milwaukee Food & City Tours. A long admirer of the city's cuisine and culture, she looks forward to continuing this Windy City tradition!

Best Bite: Neapolitan style pizza at Spacca Napoli

Loved Libation: Tea at the Drake

Brian Tuttle
Brian Tuttle
Senior Tour & Events Director

Brian is relatively new to the food tour industry, coming from a long career in arts and non-profit leadership. In his free time he writes, chases soccer balls and dreams about playing pro ping pong.

Best Bite: Spring Rolls from Belly Up

Loved Libation: Malted Milk ball Madness from Burger Bar

Marketing Director
Randi Alexander
Marketing Director

Randi grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. After traveling the United States looking for the best hole-in-the-wall bars and mom and pop restaurants, she found her home with Chicago Food Planet.

Best Bite: Cheeseburger from Small Cheval

Loved Libation: Old Fashioned from Buck's Chicken & Biscuits

Food Ambassador & Route Captain

Philip moved to Chicago from New Mexico. He works on stage and on camera in Chicago when he isn't leading tours. Philip holds his BA in communication, media, & theatre from Northeastern IL University.

Best Bite: The Modern Cuisine Creations from Next

Loved Libation: Revolution Brewery's "Fist City"

Man in a Blue Plaid Business Shirt Standing In Front of a Park and Trees Smiling for a Headshot
Food Ambassador

Born in Chicago, grew up in Texas, transferred back to Chicago for business 25 years ago. When I’m not enjoying the Chicago food scene, I enjoy bike riding with my cycling friends & seeing live music

Best Bite: Anything from Twin Anchors

Loved Libation: Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island

Woman With Dark Curly Hair Wearing a Purple Scarf and Black Top Standing In Front of Trees for Headshot
Jess L
Food Ambassador

I'm a lousy cook. But I'm really good at ordering food and going out to restaurants. Sushi, rueben sandwiches, lobster rolls = yes, please. I've lived in Wicker Park for the past 8 years & love it!

Best Bite: Steak from RPM Steak

Loved Libation: Daily Grog from Queen Mary

Man in blue denim shirt standing on street for a headshot
Food Ambassador

I moved to Chicago in 2015 from Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew up in both New England and the South which means I can speak with a “wicked good” southern or northern accent, y’all.

Best Bite: Deep Dish Pizza topped w/ meatballs & ricotta

Loved Libation: The Northman Bar, Northman House Cider

Headshot for Jessica S. Red Haired Woman in Black Dress Standing in front of faded Chicago Skyline
Jess S.
Food Ambassador

I absolutely love this city and spend almost all of my disposable income on fine dining in Chicago. I have an adventurous palate and sometimes I'll even ask the waiter to select my meal for me.

Best Bite: Jalapeno Queso Dip at Bandera

Loved Libation: Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita from Revolucion Steakhouse

Hungry Hound

Hi! I'm Mona, a smooth Collie that likes to be pet, lay in the sun and herd all animals (or Food Ambassadors) when given the chance!

Best Bite: The best are found under the table.

Loved Libation: Water from The Hose

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