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Serving Up Real Deal Chicago Food & Culture

Connecting hungry locals and visitors to the authentic heart of Chicago’s history, cultures, and cuisines with our fun, immersive culinary experiences.

Welcome to My Chicago. 
It’s Delicious Here.

Just like you, when I have friends in town, I want to show them the parts of the city they wouldn’t find on their own. I want them to see my Chicago, to get a taste of what this place means to me.

I started hosting food tours for hungry locals and visitors more than 15 years ago. Over that time, I’ve put down deep roots in the community which means we can offer an experience that no one else can – a Chicago food tour that’s authentically us.

At Chicago Food & City Tours, I’ve put together an amazing team of local experts passionate about our city’s food and history. They put a lot of work into making you feel like you’re part of Chicago’s story, and they make it look fun and easy.

Can’t wait to see you out there!
Theresa Nemetz
Owner, Chicago Food & City Tours