One of the things that makes Chicago Food Planet food tasting and cultural walking tours unique is the fantastic personalities that lead our groups every day. Let’s take a look at who’s next on our list…

Name: Alicia Kwok

Alicia weaving some yarn on the streets of Chinatown

Chicago Food Planet: What’s your favorite tour memory?

Alicia: I’ve only been doing these tours since April, but once, a group of five girls requested their Lao Sze Chuan tofu dish to be atomic-level spicy — just enough so that their eyes burned. They were all on fire and relished every second of it.


CFP: What’s your first strong memory of food?

Alicia: Having beef-flavored ramen at my grandparents’ house when I was 3. It was probably awful for me, but I lived for the MSG.


CFP: What are you doing when you’re not leading a Chicago Food Planet tour?

Alicia: I’m learning to be an urban farmer. Farmer talent is quickly diminishing, and the world population will increase by another billion in a couple of decades. Some families need an accountant, but every family needs a farmer. (That’s how I explain it to my accountant mother, anyway.)


CFP: What’s your favorite part about living in Chicago?

Alicia: I once made an ill-fated attempt at a no-carb diet. I’m freakin’ Chinese — how did I think I could ever go a day without rice?


CFP: Do you have any pets?

Alicia: I adopted a mutt named Berklee Bear when I was living in Southern California. (You can even find her on Facebook!) She’s so cute that we can’t walk her without multiple people stopping to ooh and ahh.

Berklee Bear!

Chicago Food Planet offers a variety of awesome walking food tours in Chicago

Savor Chinatown with a full immersion into the culinary & ethnic pageantry at five authentic, mouthwatering restaurants

Tour Length3 hours
Cost$80 Adult | $50 Adolescent | Free Child (6 & Under)
Tour Distance1.3 Miles

Stroll through Chicago's architectural epicenter then enjoy a light lunch and a dessert treat.

Tour Length2.5 Hours
Cost$65 Adult | $50 Adolescent | Free Child
Tour Distance 1.3 miles
NeighborhoodsChicago Loop
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