Guys! In case you happened to be otherwise occupied last Saturday night — at Taste of Randolph or up in Wisconsin for the Door County Beer Festival, maybe? — then you may have missed that we were on the news. And not just any news…the No. 1-rated weekend newscast in Chicago.


Three cheers for Carrie, our newest TV-star tour guide!

ABC7 featured our Bucktown/Wicker Park food tasting and cultural walking tour in a Saturday-night news segment called “In Your Neighborhood,” which is perfect because our tour stops at neighborhood favorites like George’s Hot Dogs, Sultan’s Market and Piece. (Mmmm, so many links to click!)

We had to act fast — the station called us on Monday and wanted to hop on Wednesday’s tour. We lucked out: The weather that day was gorgeous, everyone who took the tour was on board with being filmed — even David, a kid who got a few seconds on air to rave about his love for Hot Chocolate — and our guide for the day, Carrie, was lovely and ebullient even with cameras all up in her face. (Actually, the cameraman was great…and got some pretty cool shots!)

Have a look at Karen Jordan’s ABC7 segment.

It’s been about three years since our last television appearance — with Janet Davies of 190 North back in 2009 — and we’ve grown quite a bit since then! But in both segments, though they’re years apart, the important things have stayed the same: fantastic tour guides with plenty of insight and lots of stories to share, delicious food at every stop, and a big tour group eager to dig in.

Everyone gets the VIP treatment on Chicago Food Planet tours…

We won’t let fame go to our heads, though. So if you ever hear us demanding M&Ms with all the brown ones taken out…well, you’ll know to set us straight.


BONUS FOOTAGE: Watch the 2009 190 North segment for three more minutes of Shane handing out food, tour guides gesticulating wildly, and tour participants walking off all those delicious calories.

Chicago Food Planet offers a variety of awesome walking food tours in Chicago

Satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent desserts in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood

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Discover Chicago’s hottest foodie neighborhood as you nosh on cuisine from the master chefs that started a dining revolution.

Tour Length3 Hours
Cost$99 Adult With Alcohol | $85 Adult (no alcohol) | $50 Adolescent | Free Child (6 & Under)
Tour Distance0.6 Miles
NeighborhoodsWest Loop
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