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March 2015

Your Guide To Killer Cocktails in Logan Square

We’ve officially had enough of the blistering cold. As our tours get into full gear this month all we can think about now is how we’re going to enjoy this Spring weather. One way to enjoy it, is officially trading out our heavy winter beers for cocktails that remind us why we put up with the wintery cold. Below is our guide to all the best Logan Square neighborhood bars to pick up some spirit lifting cocktails as we hopefully head into Spring weather.

Lost Lake

3154 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, lostlaketiki.com

This is the newest bar on our list, and you’ve no doubt already been hearing a ton of buzz over it. Paul McGee's latest endeavor, Lost Lake, opened in Logan Square this winter. While we appreciated dreaming about warmer times in this tiki bar, now that the weather is showing signs of warming, we really mean business. Reviews have been extremely favorable and the first cocktail on our list to try is their signature The Lost Lake made with Jamaican rum, passion fruit, lime, pineapple, Maraschino liqueur and Campari.

Stray Notes:

  • You can order in food from the new Chinese food restaurant, Thank You, located next door.

Masa Azul

2901 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, masaazul.com

This is your spot for mescals and rare tequilas, and well worth it alone for margaritas that are easily a step above what you’re used to. Their classic Masa Margarita is made with tequila blanco, orange liqueur and limonada, but there’s also the Tour de Mexico, which Masa Azul themselves describes as “a margarita on steroids” on their Facebook page. Plus there are plenty of more adventurous cocktails like the Where there is smoke…

Stray Notes:

  • Several people we know have mentioned that if you just can’t decide on a drink, their awesome bartenders have made something totally delicious based on their taste preferences.

Parson’s Chicken & Fish

Parson's Chicken & Fish Negroni Slushy

'Frozen Negroni Slushy' by Edsel Little via Flickr, CC-BY-SA

2952 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, parsonschickenandfish.com

Is it not warm enough for a frozen cocktail? Too bad, we don’t care. One of our favorite warm weather cocktails comes out of Parson’s in the form of their Negroni slushy. We realize the word “slushy” may have you conjuring up images of machines in gas stations, or terrible Pina Collatas, but these are the real deal. The drink is a mix of Letherbee gin, Luxardo Bitter, sweet vermouth and lemon juice. However, if gin isn’t your spirit of choice they also offer an equally delicious Dark and Stormy slushy. A warning though, these do go down incredibly easy so pace yourself and reach for some fried chicken while you’re at it.

Stray Notes:

  • Once it’s warm the whole back opens up with picnic tables & ping pong.
  • When it rains on you, they may give you beer cozies with a cat and a rain pun on them (if you’re lucky).

Chicago Distilling Company

2359 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, chicagodistilling.com

Chicago Distilling Company does exactly as their name suggests. This place is no frills, no food and no beer list; just great spirits. Their cocktails are made with white whiskey, vodka and gin all crafted, distilled, bottled and packaged right there in the Logan Square facility. We love that the entire focus is on what they do best. Their great drink specials rotate often and they have five staple drinks for each of their spirits including a superb Moscow Mule (Logan Mule) and the Smashley featuring mango, chili and cilantro with their Shorty’s White Whiskey. We especially love how their gin and tonic (Fin Tonic) skips the tonic water in favor of sparkling water and plastic pipettes of tonic syrup, which is far more intense and much more delicious, though dangerously sticky if you get it on your hands; you’ve been warned.

Stray Notes:

  • We love the simplicity and minimalism of the bar.
  • Those big garage doors open in warm weather and it’s fantastic.
  • You can get a flight of their three spirits.
  • They do give tours of the distillery.

Longman & Eagle

Longman & Eagle Cocktails

'Longman & Eagle - Snow Day' by Edsel Little via Flickr, CC-BY-SA

2657 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, longmanandeagle.com

Last Spring we had a lemongrass based cocktail here and we’ve honestly been dreaming about it ever since. What we’re saying is, Longman & Eagle serves up some pretty dreamy seasonal drinks. Beyond cocktails, their credo of eat sleep whiskey should tip you off that if you’re a whiskey lover you can get your fill here. They currently have over 300 (that’s not a typo) whiskey selections with 38 different ones available daily so you can taste what you like or go for one of their whiskey flights. Plus they offer a wide selection of tasty whiskey cocktails.

Current Longman & Eagle Cocktail List 

Stray Notes:

  • Opt for the less busy mid-day if waiting is not your thing.
  • Great brunch spot, but get there early.


Scofflaw Cocktails

'Drinks at Scofflaw' by Sam Howzit via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

3201 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, scofflawchicago.com

More into gin than whiskey? Then Scofflaw is a must visit. They specialize in gin-centric drinks and like many of the places in the area have an ever rotating collection of cocktails. Some options that can help you think of warmer times include The Jasmine with gin, comber d’orange, campari and lemon. Since their cocktails do change often we can't guarantee what’s currently on the list, but can ensure you you’ll find something good.

Stray Notes:

  • Scofflaw is a noun coined during prohibition meaning a person who drinks illegally…scoffing at the law.
  • The atmosphere here is incredibly cozy.
  • Much like Longman & Eagle, get there early for a table.

The Whistler

2421 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, whistlerchicago.com

The Whistler is one of our favorite places for the combination of great cocktails and music. They have both live music and DJs every night alongside cocktails that change daily including both classics and Whistler originals. A current cocktail conjuring up warm fuzzy feelings of Spring is the Bee's Knees made with Letherbee Gin, honey and lemon.

Current Whislter Cocktail List

The Whistler Event/Music Calendar

Stray Notes:

  • When the music starts it gets pretty loud, so quiet convos will have to wait.
  • Once it's warm check out their awesome patio.
  • They host Movioke (yes that’s karaoke, but with movie dialogue) once a month.

Additional Places to Check out:

Analogue - 2523 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Billy Sunday - 3143 W Logan Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647

Orbit Room - 2959 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

We want to know where you enjoy your favorite cocktails, both in the Logan Square neighborhood and in Chicago in general. Let us know what you’d put in your own guide in the comments or tweet us @chifoodplanet.

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