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April 2014

Drool-Worthy Donuts We Dream About

Donust of Chicago

Try to remember way, way back to 2011, when the beginning of a new gourmet donut (or doughnut, if you prefer) era was descending upon Chicago with the opening of Doughnut Vault. Since then, several new players have entered the scene (including the most recent, Stan's Donuts and Coffee, which opened in February), and the gourmet donut boom is still very alive and well.

I have no complaints. Donuts Rule Everything Around Me. (D.R.E.A.M. -- coincidence? I think not.) And considering their popularity, they most likely rule everything around you, too.

So, we put together this amazing little roundup of some amazing little donuts that we've been DREAMing about lately. (Beats counting sheep, right?)

Donut roundup

Clockwise from top left: Mocha Glazed from The Doughnut Vault (via Jeff Eats Chicago), Lucky Charms from Glazed & Infused (via Instagram), Buttermilk Old Fashioned from Do-Rite Donuts (via Instagram), Maple Bacon from Endgrain (via Facebook), Glazed Chocolate Hazelnut Long John from Firecakes (via Instagram), Cinnamon Twist Pretzel from Stan's Donuts and Coffee (via Stan's website)


For those who like to have their coffee and eat it, too:

The donut: Mocha Glazed

The spot: The Doughnut Vault

The details: Pair this caffeine-glazed beauty with a cup of local Metropolis coffee (only $1!) and you're sure to get a buzz of happiness.


For the kid at heart:

The donut: Lucky Charms

The spot: Glazed and Infused

The details: The two best things about breakfast -- donuts and cereal -- have finally come together in the most brilliant way. Don't forget the milk.


For the purist:

The donut: Buttermilk Old Fashioned

The spot: Do-Rite Donuts

The details: Don't let its simplicity fool you -- this donut, which is slightly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, is downright amazing.


For those who think bacon makes everything better:

The donut: The Maple Bacon

The spot: Endgrain

The details: Crispy. Bacon. Bits. ON A DONUT. Need we say more?


For the chocolate freak:

The donut: Chocolate Hazelnut Long John

The spot: Firecakes

The details: If the Valrhona chocolate (aka: the BEST) glaze isn't enough for you, the Nutella Frangelico filling will certainly push you over the edge.


For those who prefer cinnamon rolls to donuts:

The donut: Cinnamon Twist Pretzel

The spot: Stan's Donuts

The details: Sure, it may look like a pretzel, but it tastes like an amazing donut -- complete with cinnamon-y swirls and a sugary glaze. (Makes us wish all pretzels tasted like donuts.)


Have a donut you've been DREAMing about? We want to know! Share it in the comments section below, or send us a Tweet at @ChiFoodPlanet.










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