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November 2017

Create Moments With Your Gift Giving

Are you looking to give your loved ones a gift that means a bit more? Struggling to find that elusive "perfect gift?" Try to give an experience that creates memorable moments. It's a gift they will be thankful for in years to come. Think about your own life, what is it you remember more of holidays - is it moments or material gifts? If we had to bet, we would go "all-in" that you recall sitting with grandma talking after dinner, laughing playing a board game with your cousins, or helping your mom make Christmas cookies much more readily and vividly than playing with your new toy.

They say that the secret to one's happiness is spending money on experiences, not things. Why would this be any different when you're buying for someone else?

Consider these factors.

  1. Experiences create long-lasting memories.

    The experience doesn't have to be an all inclusive trip around the world or a hot air balloon ride through The Alps. Less intense, but still fun, enjoyable evenings out in the company of loved ones will provide a longer lasting and more fulfilling happiness because there is less hype. Plus, people who have more frequent social interactions like on a night out, live longer, healthier lives and tend to experience less stress and depression. Don't believe us? Read the research.

  2. Experiences are unique and can't be compared.

    Experiences are also less likely to be unfavorably compared with something else, partly because they’re more likely to be unique. New jewelry will be compared to an old favorite or the ring that Julie has that your wife has always wanted, that watch might be nice but not the right color your husband wanted, so these things come up short. Experiences always have unique moments that can't be compared.

  3. People have too much stuff.

    The dramatic success of the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  provides a hint that we have too much stuff but don't know what to get rid or or how to change (the book's premise is: if an item doesn't bring you true joy - throw it away or donate it). And as we know from above, material things don't provide much joy. LA Times reports that the average American home has over 300,000 items in it and there are over 50,000 storage facilities nationwide (and this is the fastest growing real estate segment!). In fact, at least 1 in 10 of us have a storage unit to store our excess stuff.  54% of us report being overwhelmed with clutter and 78% of us have no idea how to overcome it! Start by not buying more things or adding to the clutter.

Don’t get me wrong… I love giving gifts and always enjoy finding, wrapping and giving the perfect gift to a family member or friend. However, finding that "perfect gift" is a unicorn type event - it's rare.

So, here's our proposal. Give your loved ones an experience this year that creates moments that will last a lifetime. It doesn't even have to be a Chicago Food Planet experience (though we're pretty amazing), but just provide your loved ones with a unique opportunity to spend time with their significant other, best friend or parent. We've created a few new and unique culinary experiences this year showcasing the best of what Chicago has to offer. And these flavorful, fun and unique experiences could be the exact formula for your perfect gift.

However, if you do purchase a gift certificate with us, we GUARANTEE they will have a wonderful time. How do we know? Because we serve joy (plus food and booze) on our experiences. Let's be honest - is there anything that people love to do more than eat?

When you buy a gift certificate, you can always enter your own personal message, plus you have the option to print it yourself or deliver it automatically to your recipient.

So no matter what time of year it is, or who you are shopping for, this unique (experience) gift idea is sure to please — and fill their hearts with delight, minds with memories and bellies with amazing food.

>>>Don’t you think you’d find more value in these experiences than material gifts? Don’t you think your loved ones will find more value, too? There’s only one way to find out: get a gift certificate now and give an experience.

From all of us at Chicago Food Planet Tours, we wish you the happiest of Holidays. Cheers to the amazing moments of the year so farand the rest that are yet to come.

The Perfect holiday gift is an experience. Buy a Chicago Food Planet gift certificate.

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