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February 2018

The Best Chicago Classic Bites

Chicago Lou Malnait's

We all know Chicago has some really great food, and the River North neighborhood features many of the greatest restaurants in the city.  Some of my favorite restaurants in River North are Eataly, The Kitchen, and Sunda.  However, it seems that River North has gotten a bit too boojee.  The Classic Chicago bites, that gave Chicago its' claim to fame, have been slightly neglected by "fancier" restaurant arrivals.  Let's hit it home to the best of the best in Chicagos' Classic Bites.


Lou Malnati's

Deep dish pizza was created in Chicago and naturally we have the BEST deep dish pizza here.  Lou Malnati's is truly the classic and best deep dish spot around.  Lou Malnati himself started working for a deep dish pizzeria in the 1940's and learned every thing he needed to know about creating the perfect pizza.  In 1971 he and his family opened their own spot.  Lou's has been winning over Chicagoan's and tourist alike ever since.  Whether it's a beautiful summer day, or a snowy day in, we all need a slice of Lou's ever now and then to warm the heart.



Portillo's is the definition of Chicago Classic Bites.  They've got it all covered; the Chicago style hot dog, an Italian Beef Sandwich, assorted pastas etc.  The food is extremely affordable with their famous Chicago style hot dog being just $3.  That's the best part of Portillo's it's insanely cheap, completely casual, and a Chicago obsession.  Portillo's has now  expanded nation wide, but it all started in Chicago.


Copper Fox


Hmm Copper Fox is absolutely delicious but you might be wondering why it is on a Chicago Classic Bites list?  The answer to that is the Nutella Brownie.  Fun fact, the Brownie was actually created in Chicago.  The Nutella Brownie here is beyond delicious and really hit's home with a comforting and classic dessert to enjoy.

Copper Fox also highlights some great history tied into their menu.  Including a cocktail honoring the first solider to be killed in World War I, Edward Stone, a Chicago native.  Try a "Sour Eddie" when you go in and ask about the history!


All of these restaurants are amazing and there's no reason to choose just one to stop by.  Get a spot on the Best in Chow Food Experience with Chicago Food Planet and you can enjoy 5 different Chicago Classic Bites, including the three above, in just 3 hours.  There is no better way to taste Chicago bites than on this tour.  If you have a large group looking to eat with you check out our Private Food & Beverage Experience Options.

Now that you have indulged in the Chicago Classic Bites keep an eye out for our next blog feature; Old Town Food Explorations!

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